the one about disney {part 4}

Welcome back.

By now, you've learned what to buy and pack.

You've learned how to not be an awkward airport sideshow.

You know how to do Magic Kingdom like a boss.

In this final post of this series, I'm going to describe to you my favorite memories of the trip. These moments are what made all the money and planning and stranger ankle-ramming worthwhile. I'll tuck these away into my mental mom file and pull them out when my girls do something like break the head off one of the three wise men in my nativity set or bring home a boyfriend with an arm tattoo that says Faith in Mandarin Chinese (yeahrightbuddy).

Which memories will exist 5, 10, or even 20 years from now? Maybe it will be the look of Noelle's face when she looked out of the airplane window for the first time.

Maybe it will be the endless bouncing on the fancy hotel bed out of pure unbridled bliss. Maybe it will be the way Noelle looked when she met Cinderella at our princess dinner...a healthy mix of shock and awe.

Maybe it will be enjoying an ice cream sundae with Luke while our beautiful babies took a much needed stroller nap.

Maybe the reflections of the incredible fireworks in Noelle's eyes will stay with me forever, or the involuntary squeal she let out when the "grand finale" fireworks boomed overhead.

Maybe it will be watching her laugh and play with and hug and call out for her little Spanish-speaking friend Ariana at the hotel pool.

Maybe it will be the way she smiled when her drink at Kona Cafe came with its own pink umbrella.

Maybe it will be the way she selflessly gave her beloved princess balloon away to a little girl who could enjoy it for a few more days since we couldn't take it home on the plane.

Thank God for a mama's that seems to have endless capacity for memories...never full...never empty.

Thank God.

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  1. I just wanted to let you know that I just went to your Disney Blogs and reading them thoroughly for our trip planning! You are a saint!!!