the one about their America

My girls will never know a pre-September 11th America.

They will never ride in a plane without having to first remove their shoes to get through security.

They will never enter a sporting event, concert, or amusement park without first having their purses searched.

They will never have to question what a soldier does or the sacrifices he (or she) makes for their America.

In some ways, their America is safer than mine was when I was their age, but in other ways, it feels scary...uneasy...divided.

As they grow older in this country, I pray their America is unified like our pledge states it should be.

One nation, under God. Indivisible.

Let their America be criticized less on Facebook and more by the people who are brave enough to do something to make it a better place.

And let them be that brave.

Let their America be defined by the incredible accomplishments of its citizens and less by the criminals, the traitors, and the tragedies.

And let them accomplish many things.

Let their America allow them to go to school without fear.

And let their teachers be respected.

Let their America encourage them to work for what they wish to receive.

And may there be plenty of opportunity.

Let their America be lived in, loved on, and explored.

Mountains. Prairies. Oceans.

Let their America be safe. Let their towers not fall. Let their planes not be hijacked.

We can't have another 9/11. Or Sandy Hook. Or Boston Marathon.

God bless everyone's America.

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