three for free - november printables

I am a sucker for a free printable. I may go through $6,000 in ink each year, but darn it...the printable was free.

No really, free printables are all over my house. I have them framed above my bed, in my bathroom, in the play room, and everywhere in between. They are a great way to change out seasonal decor without totally overhauling everything or breaking the bank.

I have decided to start a monthly feature where I round up my three favorite free printables for mamas and for kids. So really, you get SIX, but six for free didn't rhyme. Ya dig?

Everything I post will be a direct link to the blog/site in which the original file was posted. Hopefully this prevents a lot of "Sorry this page no longer exists and your whole day is now ruined." It's also a little free advertising to the original creators of the free material. Everyone wins!

So click, print, and enjoy until your little heart's content! (or until your husband tells you that you can't go buy another $36 ink cartridge for a free printable. #guysarenofun)

For the mamas...

1. I love this message along with the cute pennants. Would look adorable in a frame on the mantle or on the kitchen counter. From A Night Owl.

2. Avoid awkward family silence at the Thanksgiving dinner table by passing these conversation starters around. I think this is a great idea, and, hey, you might even learn that you and Aunt Edna have something in common after all. From Skip to My Lou.

3. I love paper chains, and I think this is an activity the whole family can enjoy together. I like the idea of printing these "I'm thankful for..." slips on the brown kraft cardstock so the chain has a rustic look. From Silverbox Creative Designs.

And now for the kids...

1. This fun scavenger hunt would be great on a walk around the neighborhood or at a park this time of year. You could take it one step further and let your child photograph each item found using your phone or an actual point & shoot camera (do they make those anymore?). From Moritz Fine Design.

2. It's always great to get kids into the habit of telling people that they are special and that they are thankful for them. This is great any time of year, but Thanksgiving is the perfect time to put it into practice. These notes are real cute. From Technology Rocks. Seriously.

3. These are adorable treat bag toppers that would be great for a class treat or the kids' table at Thanksgiving. Make sure you go here and check out the entire, free, printable table kit...because there are a bunch of other things you could use for Thanksgiving or just a Fall dinner party. Lots of great stuff to check out! From The Busy Budgeting Mama.

There ya have it, first six Three for Free. Come back for more on December 1st!

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