three for free - december printables

O, holy night.

I was confused about what month it actually was until I got on Facebook and saw 285 Elf on the Shelf pictures in my newsfeed. I've seen Sprinkles wrap the tree in toilet paper, Ho Ho spill the cereal, and Trixie bathe in mini marshmallows already.

Ah yes, it is December.

I feel like I was just launching this fun little three for free thing on November 1, and now an entire month has passed.

I hope you got some good use out of last month's free printables. I've got some super fun ones below. As always, I have inspected the links and made sure that these printables do, in fact, still exist in the  mysterious world of the Internet.

So sit back, sip your coffee, and get down wit yo downloads.

For the mamas...

1. I really enjoy the font choices of this frame-worthy printable. It's cute and whimsical. From Bonjour and Hello.

2. I love the idea of a well-wrapped gift, but I hate spending lots of money on that stuff because it all just ends up in the trash, unless you're one of those people who save the paper, tag, tape, tissue paper, bow, etc. More power to ya. Here are some great, printable gift tags. From lemon squeezy.

3. I seriously scoured Pinterest for days looking for the perfect Christmas card organizer. This is something of great need to me because every year, I sit down and think, "Now who did we send one to last year?" So, after looking high and low for something cute to print and organize my card list, I decided to make my own! Print as many copies as you need, and then you can hole punch them and put them in a cute binder. From Heart of the Mama (duh).

For the kiddos...

1. I absolutely love this advent calendar idea. I think it is so cute! You have a fun, new idea centered around giving and family time each day. You could tuck these inside an advent calendar, put them in an envelope to open each day, or find another creative use for them. From Wendolonia

2. I am a teacher, and I love getting practical, thoughtful gifts from my students. If your child's teacher loves Starbucks (and if she/he doesn't, who is this person teaching your child!?), I think this is an adorable way to package a gift card. From Millie Morgan Media

3. I am obsessed with this idea. I think this is an awesome way to reward kids for good behavior all year long, but the cute holiday tie-in makes it all the better. I'm soooo doing this with Noelle. From My Sister's Suitcase.

Aren't you so excited to get printing this month? 

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