three for free - january printables

My goodness, it is January already!

I apologize for a little bit of absence here on the blog. Who would have thought that Christmas combined with a surprise appendectomy would delay productivity for a while?

Anyway, here we are on another first of the month, which means it is time for some free printables!

I have scoured the Internet, yet again, for some cute things for you to enjoy. The start of a new year is always so refreshing and exciting to me. I am always looking for ways to improve myself, my family, and my home, so you might notice that these printables spoke to me in those ways.

I hope everyone is off to a joyous 2014 and that your printers are loaded with color ink!

For grown-ups:

1. I know that paper calendars are like soooo 2009 thanks to iCal and all kinds of other apps, but I still like to have a pretty visual of the months (in case I forget which months have 31 days in them). I think this would be great in a frame on a desk or counter. There are 5 awesome color combinations for this printable, too! From Love Vs. Design.

2. Let's face it, most of us are making/have made New Year's Resolutions. Even the people who act like resolutions are for losers are probably making resolutions but calling them "goals" or just keeping them secret. Whether your resolutions are to lose weight, save money, learn to cook, adapt a new parenting style, etc, chances are, things are going to be really difficult before they get easy. I like this quote and think it is applicable to SO many things in life. Print it out, frame it, and put it where you can see it daily. From Club Narwhal.

3. Where we live, December isn't even a cold month. The cold months are January and February. I think it would be fun to host a Hot Chocolate & Game Night party sometime when it is snowy and cold outside. You can make a bunch of hot chocolate in the Crock Pot, then have marshmallows, chocolate, candy canes, whipped cream and other toppings out to dress up each person's cup. This printable could be placed next to the good stuff. From Upcycled Treasures.

For kiddos:

1. Chances are, your kids aren't too excited to go back to school after their Christmas break. A sweet little lunch box note will help to get them through the day. From Honey Jumble.

2. Maybe your New Year's Resolution includes changing up some parenting methods. These Good Deed Cards will help to motivate kids and help them work toward a reward. Who doesn't love having a little punch card with them? These would also be great in a classroom setting! From Eighteen25

3. I think this printable is so cute, and it is a great reminder that kids need to play. They need to get out their new Christmas toys and mess up the house (that's when you teach them to pick up after themselves, too). They need to go out in the snow, even when it takes 20 minutes to get them dressed and 20 minutes to strip them down when it's all said and done. They need to use their imaginations, turn off the TV and iPad, and they need you to play with them. That is one of my resolutions-- play more with my girls. I think this, printed and framed where I can see it, will be a great reminder. From Learn Create Love.

'Til next time, Friends! & Happy New Year.

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