the one about project 365, days 1-7

My passion for photography began when my first daughter was born. I wanted to photograph her every move, and I pretty much did. I have tons and tons and tons of photos of Noelle.

Until she turned 2 1/2 and we welcomed our second daughter. The photos steadily decreased as it became more and more difficult to photograph our lives.

Now that we have three daughters, I realize how easy it is to let my camera collect dust on the table where it sits. I can go weeks without turning it on, and then when the moment presents itself for that perfect photograph, the battery is dead. 

I have spent the better part of five years photographing everyone else's children, but I have neglected to capture the beauty of my own. 

The photography I most believe in is the photography that reflects real life. So many people come to me with photos on Pinterest they hope to recreate, and most of those photos are of "candid" moments that "happened" to be caught behind the lens. What we don't know is how real these moments were in the first place, but we certainly know that staging what should be candid and spontaneous memories is about the furthest thing from real. It always gives me a little pit in my stomach when I have to give directions like, "Act like you're laughing!" "Say something funny!" "Look at each other and smile." I want the real laughter. The real smiles. The real love in real life.

So, I decided to embark on my own personal mission of photographing life as it comes. One photo of my life, each day, for an entire year. I will do my very best not to give any direction to my subjects (which will most likely be my children and husband). If I miss a "photographable" moment, I will not ask them to recreate it. I will simply wait for the next one. I will have my camera within arm's reach, charged up, and ready to document this crazy, messy, beautiful life. 

I have been posting my photos in real time to my photography Facebook page, Ashley Ernstberger Photography. I plan to provide a weekly recap of the photos right here.

Here's the first week…without any words.  Because a picture is worth…well, you know.









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