The one about THE mama

Good morning, blogosphere.  I've got a confession to make, so I'll just come right out and say it.

I am a hijacker.

No, no.  Not like what you're thinking.  I don't fly planes or drive buses.  And I'm not a religious radical.  And I love our country.  Go USA.  Go team.  Stay awesome.  Ok….you get the point.

This is Luke, Ashley's husband.  That guy -- the one she writes about sometimes on this blog.  And while I'm good at a few things, hijacking (cyberspace) and writing aren't two of them.  So bear with me here.

Now that I've gotten your attention…. the whole reason for this brief cyber-hijack.

This lady right here.

THE mama.

When our first daughter, Noelle, was born a little over 5 years ago, our lives changed instantly.  You've read the posts, I'm sure.   She writes it about it much better than I can -- the heartache of miscarriage with our first pregnancy and the overwhelming emotional high of bringing new life into this world.  We had some major swings in neurotransmitter levels, lemme tell ya.

I remember feeling so proud of Ashley, the new mama.  The pregnancy, the labor, everything.  She was awesome.  Just….Awesome.

And now -- FIVE years later.  Lord have mercy!  Where did the time go????  It's like when we were kids and VHS was still around -- remember, the fast forward button?  Everything's a blur and flying by the screen at 9000 mph.

So here she is now -- wife, mother, friend, educator, business woman, photographer, multi-tasker extraordinaire.  She's doing it all -- while I sit back and watch in awe.  She's the gorilla glue that keeps our family together.  I've told her this before and it couldn't be more true -- if it weren't for her, we'd be a family of unkempt bohemians rummaging around aimlessly.

So to you, Mama, on this special day -- thanks for everything you do.  For waking me up when I don't hear my pager.  Heck, for probably answering pages on your own (I'm sure you could hold your own by now -- "You're not in labor, sweetie….sometimes the bladder gets a leeeetle full in the last stages of pregnancy.").  For keeping our girls in line.  Feeding them, dressing them, bathing them, doing crafts with them, reading to them, swinging with them -- just being awesome with them.  We celebrate YOU on this day, today.  Don't change the poopy diapers.  Don't cook.  Don't clean.  Just sit back….relax, and enjoy your special day.  Seriously.  You've earned it.

Love, Pop

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