the one about the rebound stitch fix

I think, if my memory serves me correctly, this is my fifth Stitch Fix. I am calling this my "rebound" Stitch Fix because my fix prior to this one was bad. Just bad. I ended up keeping two items from it, which doesn't sound too terrible (and I do wear the jeans from that fix pretty much round the clock, daily), but the items I didn't keep were downright yucky.

My faith in Stitch Fix was wavering. Could I trust it again? Could I get my hopes up, only to be disappointed, again? Would I be able to put the past behind me and move forward in my relationship with Stitch Fix? Have I been a fool all along?

Well, I had some credit from referrals and a Mother's Day gift, so I decided to give it another try. I pretty much reamed the stylist in the feedback of the previous fix, which I feel is the only way to really get some different items. You can't be wishy-washy and say everything was "just OK." You need to include specific details about what you did and did not like, and it's ok to throw in words like "horrible" and "disgusting." It gets the point across.

I scheduled this most recent fix for the week of my birthday. I thought it would either be a super fun gift to myself, or a huge disappointment, but I was willing to take the risk.

In her note, the stylist mentioned my birthday and also my Pinterest board, so at least she was attempting to match some items to the ideas I had pinned.

I asked for fun florals or bright prints and patterns, and I definitely received those this time around. I was pretty pleased at the selection and diversity in the fix. I was given three tops, a fun, flouncy skirt, and a tote bag. I actually really liked the tote and was excited to receive it.

Most notably, this time, were the prices. I ripped the stylist a new one about the cost of some of the previous items. I believe it was something like $60 for a yellow cotton tank top that I could easily buy at Target for $9.99. I let her know that I was never, ever going to pay that kind of money for an item like that, and I was pleased to see that every item in this fix was under $55, and most of them were under $50. Much better!

I kept everything this time, and I look forward to continue to rekindle my fire for Stitch Fix in the future. I am thinking of scheduling an early Fall fix in September or so. I also am going to make specific requests for dresses. I have barely any casual dresses that I can wear to teach preschool in or out around running errands. I have acquired quite a few tops and a couple great pairs of jeans via Stitch Fix, and now I'm ready to add some dresses to my wardrobe. I don't have a great "dress" figure...meaning I have the shape of a boxy major home appliance with no natural waist. It isn't easy to find dresses that flatter AND do not make people question if I am pregnant or not. I am looking forward to challenging the stylist and am already mentally preparing myself for the experience.

Here are my items:

1. Le Lis Truxton Embellished Crew Neck Blouse

(The color is navy, though it photographs black.)

I loved this the second I laid eyes on it. I loved the subtle floral pattern, the flowy shape, and the embellished neckline. I really do not wear costume jewelry at all, so this gives the neckline some sparkle without having to wear a necklace. I wore it to my birthday dinner with my husband, and it paired perfectly with my Just Black dark denim jeans I purchased a few fixes ago.

2. 19 Cooper Astair Abstract Print Blouse

(You guys. This photo is horribly blurry. Horribly. Once I realized how bad it was, I seriously was too lazy to reshoot it.)

I was excited to receive an abstract print top. I really love all the geometric, Aztec-type prints right now, and this top not only had a fun print but also a great color. It's a really great coral-red, and it looks great with jeans. In the style cards, they show this paired with a white pencil skirt. I'm not sure pencil skirts are in my future, but I could do white pants or jeans. This is why I enjoy the style cards-- I wouldn't normally think of that combination.

3. Fun2Fun Holsten Crochet Trim Blouse

(Kinda has a granny-chic look to it, right?)

This is probably the top I was least excited about upon initial inspection. I wasn't crazy about the print. However, when I tried it on, the little sleeves were very flattering. You have to give everything a chance. You never know if you're going to surprise yourself by liking something you wouldn't have looked at twice at the store.

4. Pixley Hanneli Polka Dot Swing Skirt

(Before you ask me my diet secrets, please know this skirt is folded in half on the hanger.)

This skirt is really cute. It's flowy and flouncy. I think circle skirts are adorable, and this one has a retro feel as well. The stylist actually suggested pairing this with the coral abstract print top...and maybe I will get the guts to try that. Regardless, I felt this skirt would be easy to dress up with heels and jewelry or dress down with sandals and a basic tank top.

5. Street Level Huron Reversible Magnetic Closure Tote

(The interior is this ivory color, which it can reverse to. This is the matching coin purse/pouch that came with the bag.)

While I wasn't really looking for a tote, I was pleasantly surprised to receive one. I like the size of this tote. It is not too big or overpowering. For me, the larger bag you have, the more crap you throw in it. I am trying to simplify my life, and often I go out with just my wallet and no purse or even a diaper bag. This tote can accomplish the task of carrying a couple diapers and wipes, my calendar, my wallet, and a few other necessities like snacks to smuggle into the movie theater. It is also reversible and came with a cute clutch/wallet. The interior is a warm white color. The material is very soft, and the gold has a matte finish with a subtle sheen-- not gaudy or tacky.

Are you curious about giving Stitch Fix a try? You can visit my first post about Stitch Fix to learn more about the process. If you decide to sign up, I'd love it if you would use my referral link, which earns me $25 in credit when you schedule your first shipment!

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