the one about your dreams

I've stared at you while you are sleeping hundreds of times by now. 

Each night is the same. I carefully crack the door and then hold my breath while I push it open all the way. The hinges creak heinously and threaten my secret mission. A few times, you have caught me-- you and I both with that 'deer in the headlights' look.

But most of the time, you stay asleep. Booty in the air, hands tucked under your chin, and mouth open for the slightest snore.

I do my best to memorize the way you look each night, counting your eyelashes, inspecting for freckles, because I know when you wake up, you'll be just a tiny bit bigger and a tiny bit older and a tiny bit less of my baby (in that always-be-my-baby kind of way).

And when you wake up tomorrow, you'll be one year old.

I often wonder what you dream about. Is it overflowing bottles and an endless supply of Cheerios and pacifiers? Or is it something more? Do you dream about who you might become when you grow up?
Or about the legacy you might leave behind?

- one month old -

Do you dream of becoming the face of feminism like Rosie the Riveter?

- two months old -

Or maybe you dream of living a life of style, courage, and poise like Jackie Kennedy Onassis? 

- three months old - 

Do you dream of politics, power, and justice like Janet Reno?

- four months old -

Are your dreams made of Amelia Earhart-worthy adventure?

- five months old -

Do you dream of being the change like Rosa Parks?

- six months old -

Are your dreams royal and regal and fit for Princess Diana?

- seven months old -

Or are they full of laughter and love like Lucille Ball?

- eight months old -

In your dreams, do you shoot for the stars like Sally Ride?

- nine months old -

Are you the portrait of grace and class like Audrey Hepburn?

- ten months old -

Or do you have First Lady dreams in the style of Eleanor Roosevelt?

- eleven months old -

Do you dream of giving everything of yourself like Mother Teresa?

- twelve months old -

Perhaps you dream of becoming your own kind of icon. 

Your own kind of superhero.


...and pretty.


...and courageous. 


...and strong.

Maybe you dream of developing a cure for cancer. Maybe you dream of owning a business or becoming a talented chef. Maybe you dream of teaching children. Maybe you dream of being President. Maybe you dream of holding your own babies one day.

Just whatever you are, be a good one.

Happy 365th dream, Shiloh. 

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