project 365-2017, days 1-7

Two years ago, I started my first Project 365 challenge. The idea is you take one photo per day, each day of the year, for an entire year. I actually made it about 60-ish days into the challenge, and then for some reason I missed a day and then never started again. I was disappointed by this because I truly enjoyed photographing my family's daily life without worrying about tons of editing or making everything look perfect. I found beauty in really small, insignificant things, and I challenged myself as a photographer to make use of unideal situations like dimly lit rooms and unattractive backgrounds. It forced me to compose photos simply by changing my own position rather than directing my subjects.

So -- after not even attempting the project last year, I decided to give it another try in 2017. I already mentioned that this would be a big year for my family, and I just feel like I need to be documenting it...routinely and I don't miss or forget a single thing.

I will collect my photos into weekly posts and share a few details about what was going on in each image. If you find yourself inspired and wanting to start your own Project 365 challenge, I urge you to do it! Don't worry about not starting on January 1. Your 365 days begin with the first click of the shutter.

And now for week one...


I'm not even halfway through with this pregnancy, and I can barely see my feet. This is not good, my friends.


I have always obsessed over my children sleeping. They have a way of redeeming themselves when they look this peaceful, don't they? Despite the day's challenges, laying eyes on my sleeping babies reminds me that they are perfect and I am not.


Charlotte is such a little mama. She always has been. She is a nurturer, a snuggle-bug, and a caretaker. 


First thing this morning, Noelle was reading in her bed. She is really into her chapter books and loves her reading light.


I'm just keeping it real. Pregnancy is not glamorous. Sorry.


I caught Shiloh doing the stick-the-raspberries-on-her-fingers trick at lunch and thought it was the cutest thing. 


While checking out the demo progress on the house, the girls decided to flop on the old carpet (yuck). Shiloh shot me this look.

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