project 365-2017, days 15-21

More of our daily life in daily photos.


I find her Beanie Boo collection a little creepy, especially when she lines them all up on her bed so they can stare at her while she sleeps. She loves them though. So much.


No school for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day meant that we had a Girls' Day. We started with manicures (by our favorite, Lilly) and then went to the movie theatre. Have you ever taken 3 children 6 and under to have their nails painted and to see a movie, alone? It's hard. We had fun, though.


Noelle was super excited to put together her 100 Days of School project. She chose to use 100 crayons. She of course had to arrange them in "rainbow order." I did the hot-gluing, but she pulled the little hot glue snot strings off. Teamwork.


We had our anatomy ultrasound. Baby is looking great (and definitely still a boy). Papa enjoyed this moment with Noelle, who already seems to be able to read ultrasounds really well. IU School of Medicine Class of 2036, here she comes!


Shiloh likes to play hide and seek under the big girls' bunk bed. Sometimes she has a little trouble getting out from under it. I love her face in this photo.


This is the face she makes when she knows I have the camera. 


This is how Noelle lets Papa pull her teeth (using dental floss). She now is missing both of her front teeth!

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