project 365-2017, days 22-28


We enjoyed some donuts at our favorite place, Concannon's. 


Indiana got a rare couple days of "Spring" in the dead of Winter this week. Noelle loves to ride her scooter around our neighborhood, and she was having fun showing off these new kicks (she puts them on right after school each day).


Charlotte had fun playing in the box that the baby's new car seat came in. 


Is there anything cuter than bunny slippers on a two year old's feet? I didn't think so.


We say prayers every night. I happened to catch Shiloh in action.


It was 50 degrees at the beginning of the week. By the end, our deck had snow on it. Shiloh and I had fun watching the flakes fall. Indiana weather is so weird.


With the tease of Spring, the girls got really excited to be back on their swings. It was super cold this day, but Shiloh loved doing fun tricks with her Pop.

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