project 365-2017, days 8-14

Another week of 2017 has already passed. I struggle to get excited about photographing daily life right now as it all seems to look the same. We are inside a lot due to the weather (tons of rain, very little snow). We are making a lot of messes. My daily routines are not what anyone would find interesting, but I suppose that is what makes this a challenge-- finding the extraordinary in the ordinary and remembering the things we would have otherwise forgotten.


Noelle was having an amazing hair day after a bath and fresh detangling session (which can often be extremely painful...for both of us).


The older two were peacefully and happily playing together, and also wearing matching shirts...which I did not plan.


Our drain pipe for the washer was frozen for a few days, which meant no laundry (yay) but also lots of laundry to catch up on once it thawed (boo). First order of business was washing Shiloh's blankie. She was not happy. You can't see her face, but she's hysterically crying as she sees it tumbling in the dryer.


I honestly loathe Play Doh. However, my girls love it, and they do entertain themselves for long periods of time while playing with it. 


The big girls were having fun going through the clothes we have collected so far for the baby. They had fun holding each piece up and saying, "Isn't this the cutest!?"


All of our girls love to be tickled. It is part of our relaxation routine. Shiloh laid down and put her leg up on Luke's chest, which obviously meant she needed some tickles.


Shiloh was happily twirling in her Elsa dress (and clutching her orange sippy cup, too).

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