project 365-2017; days 29-42

I bet you thought I quit on this little challenge, huh?

The truth is, last week was way too busy for me to make an actual post, but thankfully I continued to pick up my camera, even when I didn't want to. So this week's post has 2 weeks' worth of photos in it for your viewing pleasure.

The sickness reached us this week. Noelle and Charlotte both battled fevers, aches, dizziness, and chills for a couple of days, and this tired, pregnant mama also has a sweet little version of a cold to deal with. We already know mamas don't get sick days, so we have been surviving the best we can.

Mother nature continues to screw with us here in Indiana. We have had 50-60 degree temperature days and 20 degree days with 3 inches of snow all in the same week. We are rapidly approaching Spring and we couldn't be more excited!

Disclaimer: Please note that in many of these photos, Shiloh is wearing the same clothes. This is not because I took multiple photos on the same day. It is because I have reached the stage in pregnancy where I am lazy. If the shirt is clean-ish and she wants to wear it 3 days in a row, I let her. Favorites around here are any shirt with a dog on it. She also usually is not wearing pants.

Here we go!


A messy play room drives me nuts, but the sight of this little one quietly loving on her baby makes it not as unbearable. 


Luke is attempting to play a game with all three while I make dinner. I don't know which is the more daunting task.


Shiloh is unfortunately phasing out of her regular nap time, which seems a little premature given that she is only 2 1/2. However, if I can get her still for long enough, she usually falls asleep for at least a little while. Today's spot of choice was on the couch while watching the iPad.


It was Catholic Schools Week, which is a week where the kiddos get to have fun with assemblies, pep sessions, dress days, and other special events. This was an important day because the Bishop was visiting and eating lunch with the students. Noelle was so excited and wanted me to do her hair in the "special, big curls" so that she would look extra spiffy. 


Sleeping Shiloh photos never get old. Because she soon won't be my youngest baby. And because she won't always do that thing that babies do with their thumbs/index fingers when they sleep.


We do books every night. These girls have such a great dad to get excited about Disney Princesses. P.S. Tell me everyone else has this much junk on their couch at any given time. No? Lie to me then.


We are spoiled with lots and lots of ultrasounds and pictures of this little guy thanks to some monitoring I need during pregnancy. I can't help but think that he looks like his biggest sister in this one.


Nothing more fun than crazy bathtub hair.


Noelle is obsessed with Lego sets. She built this little mini set before school this morning.


Shiloh got into the Bananagrams game and ended up spilling half of them on the floor. Oops!


I think I had just finished telling someone that Noelle is our healthiest child (all of them are super healthy, really), and then I got a call from the school that she had a 103 degree fever. She spent the next two days like this, but she is better now.


Shiloh thought the snowfall made the window a little too bright during her morning coloring. Good thing she had her shades.


Super noisy image (noisy = photographer's term for lots of grain) due to this being taken with darkness outside, near darkness inside (our living room is not well-lit), and not my best lens to handle such a task but I had to be quick. I tell myself years down the road I won't care how much grit is in the image...I will just be happy that I captured the moment the girls had a dance party with their Papa. Not pictured: Noelle who was happily performing a solo dance routine in the corner.


After 2-3 inches of snow, we got another 60 degree day by the end of the week. I loved coming home to these chalky handprints on the driveway after a day of errands.

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