project 365-2017; days 43-49

Another week of February gone....and another week of above normal temperatures. We have enjoyed some (freakishly) beautiful weather these past several days. Our family is all finally on the mend from our taking our turns with sickness. Impressively, the man of the house's cold has seemed to linger the longest.... ;-)

I hope you enjoy another peek into our world.


Noelle is obsessed with coloring, drawing, and anything ART. She loves to make pictures, cards, notes, and booklets. She copies things she sees in books, movies, and TV, but she also makes up her own doodles, too. She's also super protective of these new, pointy crayons. Don't think about mixing them with her sisters' stumpy, broken crayons.


Noelle's favorite Spelling Choice homework activity is SpellingCity.Com. I am thankful that she never fights me on homework. I know it won't always be like that.


For Valentine's Day, I made a special dinner at home for Luke and the girls, complete with plastic "wine" glasses (we drank sparkling grape juice), fancy plates, flowers, and chocolate fondue for dessert. Shiloh was a fan. 


Noelle had a great check up at the dentist. We love Dr. Trout's office and how good they are with the girls. She is keeping her teeth strong and healthy (what's left of them...). No cavities!


It's the little things.


This golden sunshine is Heaven-sent. The girls have loved playing outside so much this week. Noelle even dozed off for a few minutes on the tire swing.


We went early to mass on Saturday evening so the girls could play on the school playground in the warm sun. Yep, ARE awesome.

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