project 365-2017; days 50-56

As we finish out the month of February and look forward to March, I can't help but be completely stunned that two full months of 2017 are over. A mild winter has put us in the mood for Spring, and we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our little boy in a couple months. While this project helps me to pause and remember to enjoy life's little moments within the chaos of each day, I also think it is a reminder that time is flying by around us. It doesn't seem possible that I have been doing this challenge for 56 days, but I have the photo evidence to prove it.


Oh, boy. So on this beautiful, sunny day, we decided that Noelle was far too old to have training wheels on her bike (that is far too small for her)! We told her that if she could learn to ride without training wheels on this bike, we would get her a new bike for her birthday. She was pretty motivated to try, but she struggled initially with the fear of falling. We will get there! In the meantime, please observe her awesome outfit...helmet, crazy pants, and cowboy boots. 


Dinner time is always an adventure. You never know what meals the kids will love and what meals they will hate. Charlotte is our worst eater. She is so picky. When she was a baby and younger toddler, she would eat anything! She used to eat black beans by the can and blueberries by the container. Now she would prefer that everything be in nugget form. So, we keep trying. And she keeps being Charlotte at dinner time.


When you go looking for Shiloh and you find her on a bed of folded laundry, fast asleep.


I try not to allow too much "screen time".... but sometimes you cannot beat the peace it brings.


Charlotte had her first official dentist appointment. She had a little bit of nerves while we were waiting, but playing with this alligator-dentist toy helped. She did so great... no cavities!


More freak weather for our area this week. It was literally 70 degrees this morning. Shiloh and I enjoyed some bubbles in the driveway. 


We went from golden sun and 70+ degrees to 28 degrees with snow in about a 12 hour time span. I always knew Indiana weather was ridiculous, but this has truly been a record. I totally had to bribe Charlotte with jelly beans to go outside and take this picture (and doesn't she look adorable in my hat?). 

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