project 365-2017; days 57-63

Birthdays to celebrate, major progress on our house, a Thyroid Going Away Party, and the beginning of Lent... we had a fulfilling week! As Spring gets nearer, our calendars are getting busier, and I have to remind myself, "Oh yeah, you're having a baby in a few months!" We are taking things as they day at a time. I hope you enjoy this week's photos.


We made a quick trip to New Albany and back last weekend to celebrate Luke's grandma, Mary Ruth, turning 86 years old. We had a great time celebrating with family. Luke's dad is one of 11 children, and of those 11 children, most of them have 2-3-4-5 children of their own, and most of them now have 1-2-3 children of their we overcrowded her tiny house to shower her with love. I think she looks pretty stunning. I love how the second image shows just a small fraction of the little ones surrounding her, and how eager they were to help her blow out her candles.


We took a drive out to the country to check on the progress of the house demo. This was Noelle's reaction as she examined the aftermath. My thoughts, too, Noelle.


Noelle has started reading Charlotte's Web at school. She is so into it and asked for her own copy for her birthday. Spoiler Alert: We bought her one. I was going to move Luke's coffee cup out of the way of this photo, but then I realized that it suited her. She's an old soul. Responsible. Diligent. Perfectionist. It just seems like she should be drinking coffee, too.


Ash Wednesday. Enough said, right?


Aunt CeCe had to have her thyroid surgically removed this week, so we made some special thyroid-shaped cookies for a family dinner. Yes, there are thyroid-shaped cookie cutters. Shiloh stood here on a stool making funny faces into my mixing bowl for several minutes.



The girls wanted their nails painted. It was difficult for Shiloh to wait for them to dry, as shown by the exasperation on her face. Thank goodness for iPads and Moana on digital copy.


We had a super random, super rare date night. It included dinner, walking around Target, walking around Wal-Mart, and coming home. Fancy, right? Oh, this season of life we are in. But it was great to have a few hours to ourselves and not worry about the girls or life or anything. When we got home, all the girls were in bed, until this little one came wandering out. Pictured here is her hard sell for some milk that will "make her go to sleep." Ok, Char. Whatever you want.

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