project 365-2017; days 64-70

Ok, wow! 70 days into this photo challenge. I think this is further than I went the last time I attempted Project 365 in 2015. Let's keep it going!

As I was pulling up the photos for this week, I noticed that Noelle and Shiloh were photographed more than Charlotte. Other weeks, Charlotte is photographed more than the other two. It is interesting to see how some weeks, certain children hold more of the "spotlight" or command more attention than others. I love all of my girls equally, dearly, and (quite honestly) differently as they require different acts of love from me -- but they are all beautiful and so fun to capture on camera.

We had a really busy week. Noelle turned 7 years old and had her first "school friend" birthday party. We also celebrated the other March birthdays in our family, including Luke's mom and dad (his dad and Noelle share a birthday) and our niece, Alice. We made more headway in the demolition of the Tree HousE, and a group of my sweet friends threw me a surprise baby shower (no photo of that in this post, but I had to highlight it as it was so unexpected and truly caught me off guard)!

Scrolling through this post of seemingly ordinary photos reminds me to find the beauty in all things and to thank God each day that I have with my family. I am truly blessed.


I love the passion this child has for brushing her teeth. She's a go big or go home kind of gal.


Just a couple weeks ago, this kiddo was nervous as heck to take the training wheels off. Now she cruises down the street with no problem at all. She has earned her new bike!


The girls love messy things like sand and play doh. I am thankful that we have had some nice days so the mess can stay outside where it belongs!


Oh, this child. Charlotte's dinnertime photo for the week! Such a silly girl. As you can see, it was Chick-Fil-A for dinner as Mama was feeling lazy.


Something about squeaky clean babes. If you look close enough, you will see scratches on Shiloh's face from her many scuffles with big sister Charlotte. The girls are tough and absolutely do not need to be boys to be a little rowdy!


I snapped some photos of Noelle in her special birthday Free Dress outfit (the students get a Free Dress day on their birthdays). She loved this skirt and how it twirled, and I absolutely love the light coming from behind her curls. It is insanity to me that this baby girl is 7 already.

Here's a bonus picture for the week. Noelle had a painting party where Meghan from Works of HeART came and taught the girls how to paint a cute elephant on canvas. They also got to decorate cupcakes on paint palettes. All but 2 of the girls in Noelle's class could come, and it was so fun watching them all play and sing and celebrate together. Noelle was slightly embarrassed when it was time to sing "Happy Birthday." She was stone-faced the entire time until something, or someone, caused her to crack a smile. 


As mentioned above, Noelle shares her birthday with Luke's dad. Luke's mom had her birthday a week before, and little Alice turned 2 just a few days ago. All of the cousins came to celebrate with the birthday people over the weekend. That would be 14 kids ages 10 and under! They always have the best time playing together and miss each other so much in between visits. 

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