project 365-2017; days 92-98

This week, the weather was absolutely crazy. We had rain, sun, wind, and even temperatures that could support snow flurries (although I don't think we actually got any). You have to love Indiana weather!

The girls are itching to get outside any chance they have, so we put them to work in our yard. Noelle loves riding her bike down our street while we watch. It is impressive how quickly she has gained the confidence to ride.

Other highlights of the week, not all necessarily pictured but highlights nonetheless, Shiloh had her first haircut (at the age of 2 1/2 years old), Charlotte used her last Pull-Up at bedtime (and stayed dry all night), and I spent the entire weekend organizing, purging, and cleaning in preparation for the baby's arrival. My nesting instinct is going crazy, and I know none of it "really matters," but it makes me feel better to at least be productive....even when my body is screaming at me to just lay down.

We are anxiously awaiting the day when our little guy can be in these daily photos -- but until then...


The girls found this old camera in a drawer and have been enjoying "taking pictures" around the house. Shiloh was taking a picture of me....or of her's debatable.


Charlotte has sworn off naps for quite some time now, so when she passes out on her own during the day, it is a pretty big deal. I think she is growing, because I have caught her napping on the couch couple times this week.


Charlotte picked "a scary show" on Netflix (it was Room on the Broom which is a cartoon adaptation of a children's book), and Shiloh was "skeered." 


 I took all three girls to get haircuts this week, but this was Shiloh's first cut! She sat perfectly still and did a great job! 


Luke has been a great "girl dad" for all these years, but I think he is counting the minutes until we add our sweet boy to the family. 


We put the girls to work spreading fertilizer this week. They were excited to help (and we were happy to let them).


We enjoyed a family dinner with Luke's family this weekend. The highlight for Charlotte was helping give her cousin, Magnolia, a bath in the sink. I think they both loved it!

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