project 365-2017; days 99-105

We have crossed the 100 day mark in this photo project. There are times when it feels like a very difficult task to pick up my camera and find something to photograph. Maybe I am tired. Maybe it hasn't been a great day. Maybe I am not inspired. But... I take the picture anyway.

This week brought us Easter preparations mixed with daily randomness. We enjoyed dying Easter eggs in addition to visiting our property to snip daffodils put in vases...incredibly small moments smushed together to represent a week in the life of a mama with three very precocious girls.


Noelle had a turn with the yardwork, so these little ones needed a turn, too.


"HEYYYYY!" Shiloh wasn't impressed that her Jenga blocks fell over so easily.


Mismatched outfits and a veggie straw sword fight. Sounds about right. 


The daffodils on our new property have hit their fullest potential this week, so we have enjoyed snipping a few to enjoy in our home. I snapped this of Noelle and now can't stop staring it. She is just so beautiful. Her blue eyes, freckly skin, and curly hair make her a classic beauty. You also have to love the toothless smile.


Noelle's class at school put on a play about the death and resurrection of Jesus. Here Noelle is reading the second station of the cross as Jesus stands behind her. It was a really powerful presentation, and I am so thankful that Noelle understands the actual reason for celebrating Easter.


The girls enjoyed dying their Easter eggs. Always a tedious process, so I am thankful we could be outside for this messy tradition.


It hit 85 degrees over the weekend, so the girls were anxious to have some water play time. I unearthed the water table from behind the tool shed. I was a little afraid to pull it out as I didn't know what creatures were living in the murky water that settled in the table...but I was brave and scrubbed it clean. 

Bonus Photos:

Here are a few more from our daffodil adventures this week...


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