project 365-2017; photo catch-up

When I was admitted to the hospital at 32 weeks with preterm labor in April, my photo project had to take a back seat. This was a big bummer because I had made it to 100 days without stopping. I had every intention of getting back on the wagon when I returned home, but once I broke the habit, it became daunting to start back up again.

I have been taking photos again here and there. Luke bought me a new lens for Mother's Day that I have been excited to use. Since Leo's arrival in late May, I have wanted to capture every second with him.

Here is a little photo catch-up of the last month or so. This project, to me, is also about not giving up when I was thrown a curve ball, so here's hoping I can keep going.

 Easter Sunday (and a rare photo with me in it)
Shiloh's haul from our small little egg hunt in the backyard. 

Luke enjoying some snuggles in the hammock with Shiloh. 
The girls put their new umbrellas to good use. We had a lot of rain in April.
  Charlotte taking care of baby Moana in the rain. 
Noelle had a great year and is really excited for 2nd grade! 
Charlotte had such a great preschool experience and already misses her teacher so much.
There is something about this sweet face...

Baby Leo joined our family in May.

I can't resist baby toes!
No more pictures, Mama.

Right now, Leo looks like the perfect mix of Charlotte and Noelle.
He is a wonderful, easy-going baby. How did we ever live without him before?

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