The Beginning

Many years ago, I started a blog called Mrs. E and the Future MD. Luke was still in med school, hence the "future" MD.

What began as a way to chronicle our first pregnancy turned into a way to chronicle our first and hopefully only miscarriage.

The story of our miscarriage turned into a story of hope and struggles and faith and fear for not only us but for other friends who began reading the blog.

In 2011, Luke earned his MD and the blog became simply Mrs. E and the MD. As much as the blog was about life together as a family, the MD didn't really contribute too much, and I was craving a space of my own. In October 2012, I stopped writing posts and entered into a time of crazy, busy, I-have-no-time-to-shower-and-brush-my-teeth-on-the-same-day-let-alone-time-to-blog, chaos.

If you're intrigued enough to journey into the past and read posts from my original blog, I have included the link below.

Mrs. E and the MD

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