The Mama

Hi, I'm Ashley, and I'm The Mama. What would you like to know about me?



OK, I'll just tell you. I'm a dangerously close to 30 year old mama of two beautiful (curly-headed, blue-eyed, smart, funny, curious, slightly OCD, and absolutely fabulous) girls-- Noelle, 3-going-on-13 years old, and Charlotte, who is on her way to her first birthday. 

I'm married to my high school sweetheart (awwwww!), Luke, who is finishing his last year of his family medicine residency. We have been living in married bliss for 6 years now. We never fight, agree on everything, and he paints my toenails every Sunday night while we watch our wedding video over and over and over again. Just kidding, guys! Come back to the blog! We don't even have a wedding video. Actually, we have a very real marriage, which means we experience all the highs and lows that every other couple experiences (i.e. If he leaves the dish rag in the bottom of the sink one more time without wringing it out, I WILL go Elin Woods on his car...).

We live in a smallish-midsize-largish town in central Indiana that I will lovingly refer to as The Muncie. It happens to be our hometown (like, we were born here), and aside from the 4 year stint we served in The Big City (Indianapolis) for Luke's med school, we have lived here ever since.

Anyway-- I have a degree in Elementary Education, and I have spent the last 6 years of my life teaching 4th grade to tomorrow's future presidents, doctors, lawyers, and humanitarians (heehee). I used to say there was nothing I loved more than teaching...there's nothing else I would rather do with my time...and there's nothing else I am more called to do than to teach.

And that was all true...until I became The Mama.

Yes, I recently resigned from my position as an educator, and it is still really crazy for me to believe that I won't be setting up a classroom for this upcoming school year. However, I know that my true calling is to be a present, happy, less stressed, more engaged, full-time mama to my girls, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to watch soap operas and eat bon bons all day, I mean, stay home with my girls and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Naturally, I'm a busy-body, and I have to be doing something at all times (don't confuse that "something" with cleaning, doing laundry, or growing things in a garden). So, aside from playing with my girls and shamelessly singing along to every Disney Junior show's theme song, I fill my time with crafts, cooking, designing files for my Teachers Notebook store, and my photography business.

This blog? This blog is the baby born to my original blog ( original blog was a cool was that?!), Mrs. E and the MD. I started that blog near the beginning of our marriage, but I wanted something of my own-- a place to share what truly fills the heart of a mother...stories of reality, any helpful and useful knowledge I have to share (OK, stop laughing...), my successes and my failures, and super sweet pictures and anecdotes of those two little beings who make me the mama.

 So now that you know me, do you still wanna be my friend?

I also take really flattering pictures of myself...

I knew that would do the trick!

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  1. Lol! You are such a character. I am glad I found your blog tonight. My friend Katie linked to it on Facebook. I live in the central Indiana in a suburb of the big city.